Add-To-Cart Upseller

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Add-To-Cart Upseller is a powerful tool for driving incremental and impulse purchases by customers whenever they add a product to their shopping cart. It extends the concept of up-sells and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase their spending.

Default Pinnacle behavior takes customer to generic cart display page whenever customer adds a product to their cart.

Add-To-Cart Upseller plugin keeps the customer on the product page and in "shopping mode" and displaying recommended related products they may also be interested in.

Add-To-Cart Upseller displays visual confirmation of the product added to cart while also displaying a "mini cart" displaying all items in their current cart and giving customer visual cues to "Continue shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout", all the while remaining on the current product page.


  • Pinnacle Cart version 3.8.x or higher

NOTE: Your purchase entitles you to use the Pinnacle Cart Add-To-Cart Upseller plugin on the domain where your Pinnacle Cart installation resides. Usage for other domains/Pinnacle Cart stores requires purchase of additional licenses.