Gift Certificate Manager

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The Gift Certificate Manager panel in your Pinnacle Cart backend offers you the ability to:

  • Add Gift Certificates
  • Select a pre-existing customer from your customer base as recipient, or send to anyone you wish (family, friends, associates etc.)
  • Create and send gift certificate at once, or just create and save for sending at a later date
  • Custom filters added to display Gift Certificates by "Store Created", "Customer Purchased", and "Not Sent"
  • Store created Gift Certificates use a separate, customizable email template so you can craft your own specific template for the Gift Certificates you as shopowner create

This is a great way to "marketize" your Pinnacle Gift Certificate function. Create a certificate on-the-fly to reward one of your high-value customers, or simply to assuage and provide good customer care to a possibly disgruntled customer. Or even use it as a method of giving refunds: rather than simply refunding $$$ direct out-of-pocket, you can offer gift certificate which will return the customer to your store for an in-store purchase.

  • Pinnacle Cart 3.8.x or higher Source Code Edition

NOTE: This product is licensed for a single Pinnacle Cart domain - your purchase entitles you to use the Pinnacle Cart Gift Certificate Manager plugin on your domain for that Pinnacle Cart installation. Usage for other domains requires purchase of additional licenses.