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Looking for a way to motivate your customers to spend a bit more and receive a reward? The Pinnacle Cart Product Rewards plugin will accomplish exactly that for you. At it's most basic, Pinnacle Cart Product Rewards is a "Spend X amount or more and receive Product Y for free" tool. But it is much more than that:

  • complete granular control over which products are part of the promotion
  • multi-tiered spending thresholds for multiple free product promotions
  • product-specific customizable "Product Reward Text" that displays to the customer on each respective product that is assigned to the product promotion

And much more...

  • Ability to set "reward thresholds" which will be a dollar amount. When the user gets to that level (based on subtotal before taxes and shipping), they will be able to choose one of the assigned products from that level, which will be free in the cart. There will also be text on that product that it is free when the user orders $$$ (this is customizable by the store owner)
  • Reward thresholds are set via a page in the admin area, and once set they would appear on each product under a ‘reward’ section. That section would let the admin select which level this product should appear for free on (or not at all), as well as what text should appear on the product detail page
  • Ability to exclude specific manufacturer(s)/categories/product(s) from counting towards the order total
  • One free product per order - they can select any products that they have reached the reward threshold for
  • The product should be removed from the cart once the user drops below the threshold
  • A customer-side rewards page which displays all the current reward threshold levels and the products within them


  • Pinnacle Cart version 3.8.x or higher Source Code Edition
NOTE: Your purchase entitles you to use the Pinnacle Cart Product Rewards plugin on the domain where your Pinnacle Cart installation resides. Usage for other domains/Pinnacle Cart stores requires purchase of additional licenses.