Pinnacle Cart

Add-To-Cart Upseller

Add-To-Cart Upseller is a powerful tool for driving incremental and impulse purchases by customers whenever they add a product to their shopping cart. It extends the concept of up-sells and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase their spending.

Default Pinnacle behavior takes customer to generic cart display page whenever customer adds a product to their cart.

Add-To-Cart Upseller plugin keeps the customer on the product page and in "shopping mode" and displaying recommended related products they may also be interested in.

Add-To-Cart Upseller displays visual confirmation of the product added to cart while also displaying a "mini cart" displaying all items in their current cart and giving customer visual cues to "Continue shopping" or "Proceed to Checkout", all the while remaining on the current product page.

Advanced Order Manager ("AOM")

  • modify all components of a customer's order

  • modify a customer's order shipping and billing information

  • add/remove products from an order

  • add/remove/change associated product attributes with price modifiers and customer's order total is recalculated accordingly

  • modify/adjust shipping method and/or shipping cost

  • taxation amounts (if applicable) are recalculated accordingly

  • displays a summary of $ totals changed as +/- to signify whether a customer credit or customer charge should be applied

  • customer receives modified order invoice email denoting the changes to their order


Amazon Pay


Amazon Pay offers a familiar and convenient buying experience that can help your customers spend more time shopping and less time checking out. Amazon Pay is used by large and small companies. From years of shopping safely with Amazon, customers trust their personal information will remain secure and know many transactions are covered by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee. Businesses have the reassurance of our advanced fraud protection and payment protection policy.

  • One login to identify and transact
    Your customers use one familiar login to identify themselves and transact anywhere Amazon Pay is offered.

  • Familiar and trusted
    Help increase conversion by offering your customer the trusted Amazon checkout experience covered by the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee at no additional cost.

  • Choose with confidence
    Help reduce your costs and protect your business with Amazon’s fraud protection, at no additional cost to you.

Back-In-Stock Customer Notification

Recoup lost sales for products that are temporarily out-of-stock. Allow your customer to easily engage and ask to be notified when product returns to stock.

  • Allows for customer notifications down to attribute level

  • Admin list view of current back in stock notification requests by product

  • Automatically notifies customer when requested product is returned to inventory via manual individual product modify, or bulk inventory update

Custom Fields For Products

  • Define Text string fields (HTML code allowed)

  • Define "long" Text memo fields (HTML code allowed)

  • Define Date fields

  • Define Integer fields

  • Define Option pulldown list fields

With the use of default values in the custom fields definition screen, it is easy for you to apply the same data to many products all at once.

Customer Rewards

  • Automatic customer loyalty reward points system. It will assign reward points to customer when an order is processed or completed. Will also take away points for an order that is later set to Declined, failed, etc

  • Configure points collection rate for the store

  • Give and take away customer points for any reason with a notes area to leave yourself a note (great for rewarding filling out surveys, signing up for membership, reviewing a product, etc)

  • Ability to specify which products are not allowed to be paid for with points

  • Able to display customer's points from any template.

  • Running user log of when points were added/subtracted and for what reason

  • Customers can see points on the account in Minicart and Account Details Page

  • Customer has the option to pay with points or use points like coupons/gift certificates to discount an order.

  • Paying with points is selectable like any other payment method.

  • Customers can mix and match paying with points and cash/credit card.

  • Customers can view the amount of points earned per order and used per order in their order history.

Gift Certificate Manager

  • Add Gift Certificates

  • Select a pre-existing customer from your customer base as recipient, or send to anyone you wish (family, friends, associates etc.)

  • Create and send gift certificate at once, or just create and save for sending at a later date

  • Custom filters added to display Gift Certificates by "Store Created", "Customer Purchased", and "Not Sent"

  • Store created Gift Certificates use a separate, customizable email template so you can craft your own specific template for the Gift Certificates you as shopowner create

IP Address Security Manager

Pinnacle Cart IPASM - IP address blocking and restricting store access from suspicious IP addresses.

  • Displays full Geo-location information of customer on the order detail screen

  • One click Block/Unblock of suspicious IP addresses directly from order details screen

  • At-a-glance compare customer billing info with their Geo-location data to identify possible fraudulent orders

  • Assign a "redirect" static page to display whatever message/content you want to blocked IP visitors

  • Manually add any IP address to block list

MailChimp Pro


Product Ask-A-Question

Product Ask-A-Question with Visitor Answer

Product Ask-A-Question with Visitor Answer

Product Custom Filters

Product Rewards

  • complete granular control over which products are part of the promotion

  • multi-tiered spending thresholds for multiple free product promotions

  • product-specific customizable "Product Reward Text" that displays to the customer on each respective product that is assigned to the product promotion

  • And much more...

  • Ability to set "reward thresholds" which will be a dollar amount. When the user gets to that level (based on subtotal before taxes and shipping), they will be able to choose one of the assigned products from that level, which will be free in the cart. There will also be text on that product that it is free when the user orders $$$ (this is customizable by the store owner)

  • Reward thresholds are set via a page in the admin area, and once set they would appear on each product under a ‘reward’ section. That section would let the admin select which level this product should appear for free on (or not at all), as well as what text should appear on the product detail page

  • Ability to exclude specific manufacturer(s)/categories/product(s) from counting towards the order total

  • One free product per order - they can select any products that they have reached the reward threshold for

  • The product should be removed from the cart once the user drops below the threshold

  • A customer-side rewards page which displays all the current reward threshold levels and the products within them

    Products Upseller

    Responsive Slideshow

    A feature-rich, responsive slideshow for use not only on the home page, but on category and static pages as well. Adjust the speed, transition type, add SEO-friendly text to the image, and much more. A must-have module for any e-commerce site.

    Shipping Methods Per Product

    Do you sell LARGE and small items in your online store? How about HEAVY and light items? If the answer is yes, then you already know the pain of mis-matched shipping rates depending on customer selection.

    Pinnacle Cart Shipping Methods Per Product is the solution for you! That's right...with this plugin, shopowner can now avoid out-of-pocket expense on covering added shipping cost for out-sized items or the clumsy followup emails to customer notifying them of additional shipping costs.

    • Import/Export Function For Bulk Updating of Products Shipping Rules

    • Quick, and Easy Single Product Assign of Shipping Method Exclusion(s)


    Swatches and Variant Images


    No more fussing with complicated tax rate and tax class definitions in your Pinnacle admin backend. If you have a business nexus within such states as California, or New York, or Florida for example, you already know the nightmare of trying to setup tax "zones" by zip code/city/county etc.

    With our TaxCloud plugin, any required tax to be collected is automatically calculated at the proper rates for that jurisdiction - you never have to worry about changing zones or updating varying tax rates again - this is all done seamlessly and automatically.